Vio Caia's International Demos

1 74.75 vocal The Conells ballad play
2 A Letter To You vocal Shackin' Stevens rock play
3 A New day has come back Celine Dion ballad
4 A whiter Shade of Pale voc-instr Procol Harum slow beat
5 Abracadabra  vocal Steve Miller Band rock play
6 Achy Breaky Heart vocal Billy Ray Cyrus Country rock play
7 Ai si eu te pego vocal Michel Tego latino play
8 Ain't no sunshine vocal Kenny Rogers urban beat play
9 Aj-aj-aj  back Torry Enghs  norsk 
10 Alberta, Alberta vocal Eric Clapton blues play
11 All I Have To Do Is Dream back Everly Brothers ballad
12 All my ex's live in Texas vocal George Strait country rock play
13 All My Loving back Beatles rock
14 All of me vocal/instr Gerald Marks swing/standard jazz play
15 All Shook Up vocal Elvis r&roll play
16 All you ever do is bring me down vocal The Mavericks country rock play
17 Alperosen  back Vikingarna  norsk 
18 Alt Du Vil Ha vocal Bjorn Eidsvog beat
19 American woman vocal Lenny Kravitz rock
20 Amor vocal Iglesias J samba disco play
21 Angels vocal Robbie Williams slow beat play
22 Another Brick in the Wall vocal Pink Floyd rock play
23 Another Day in Paradise vocal Phil Collins ballad
24 Anton Skoemaker kids-instr Norvegian trad
25 Are lonesome to night vocal Lou Handman  slow vals play
26 As Times Goes By instr-vocal Herman Hupfeld slow swing play
27 Asereje instr Las Ketchup latino
28 At the Darkend of the Street vocal The Commitments Slow r&b
29 Auberge vocal Chris Rea rock
30 Avskjedstoner  back Mimix  norsk 
31 Axel F-Crazy Frog instr Crazy Frog techno
32 Baby vocal swing swing play
33 Baby Can I Hold You vocal Tracy Chapman ballad play
34 Baby I'm Amazed by You vocal Lonestar ballad play
35 Baby Likes to Rock It vocal The Tractors boogie play
36 Bad Moon Rising vocal Credence CCR country beat play
37 Bad Romance vocal Lady GaGa pop play
38 Bahama Mama vocal Bonnie M pop
39 Bailando back Paradisio latino
40 Ballade pour Adelline instr Richard Clayderman easy listening
41 Bara, Bere, Bere vocal Michel Tego latino play
42 Barbie Girl kids-instr Aqua techo kids
43 Be My Baby vocal UB40 reggae play
44 Be My Guest To Night vocal Fats Domino  swing play
45 Beat it vocal M Jackson disco
46 Because I Need Your Love vocal Fleetwood Mac blues play
47 Before you accusse me  vocal  Eric Clapton blues play
48 Believe vocal Cher disco play
49 Besame Mucho instr traditional rhumba
50 Beth vocal Kiss ballad
51 Billy Bryant's kafe  back Gluntan  norsk
52 Black or White vocal Michael Jackson rock play
53 Black Orpheus instr Louis Bonfi bossa
54 Blanket on the ground instr Billy Joe Spears country beat
55 Bli min i kveld  back Gluntan  norsk
56 Blowin' in the wind back Dylan country
57 Blue Bossa instr jazz standard bossa
58 Blue Boy vocal John Fogerty -CCR country rock play
59 Blue Eyes vocal Elton John slow play
60 Blue Hawai instr Viking Arna svensk
61 Blue Spanish Eyes vocal Engelbert pop
62 Blue Suede Shoes vocal Elvis r&roll play
63 BlueBerry Hill Vocal-instr Fats Domino blues play
64 Blurred Lines  vocal Pharell , Tickle disco play
65 Bomba vocal Azul Azul latino play
66 Bona Sera Signorina  back Trad tango
67 Bonde ifra bygda  back Country Snakes  norsk
68 Boney M Medley vocal Boney M disco
69 Boogie in B back Trad boogie
70 Boom,Boom,Boom vocal John Lee Hooker blues play
71 Boot Scootin' Boogie  vocal Brooks & Dunn Country rock play
72 Børja om från børjan  back Sven Ingvars  norsk 
73 Boston Rain instr jazz rock jazz rock
74 Brasil vocal Anca Parghel latino jazz
75 Brasil samba instr trad latino
76 Breakfast at Tiffany vocal Deep Blue Something ballad
77 Breakfast Blues vocal trad blues rock play
78 Bring back & Rock Around  instr Medley swing
79 Brown Eyed Girl vocal Van Morisson rock
80 Brown Girl In The Ring vocal Boney M disco
81 Bryllup valse instr Trad Norsk vals
82 But I Do vocal Viking Arna swing play
83 By The Rivers Of Babylon instr BoneyM disco
84 Bye Bye Baby Good Bye vocal Rainbow slow  play
85 Bye Bye Love vocal Everly Brothers country play
86 California Blue vocal Roy Orbison slow play
87 Candle in The Wind vocal Elton John piano ballad play
88 Canibals vocal Mark Knopfler country beat play
89 Can't Buy Me Love vocal Beatles/McCartney rock
90 Can't Stop Loving You vocal Phil Collins rock play
91 Cara de la Luna instr  bossa style bossa
92 Careless Whispers vocal George Michael slow
93 Carnaval de Paris instr  Dario G samba disco
94 Caroline instr  ballad
95 Carrs Hiss By My Windows vocal The Doors shuffle blues
96 Casablanca vocal Loow Deep T tehno play
97 Celebration vocal Kool & The Gang Funk play
98 Cha-cha medley instr cha,cha
99 Cha-cha mix instr  cha,cha
100 Chatahooche vocal  Alan Jackson country rock play
101 Chatonooga Choo Choo swing instr swing
102 Chihuahua vocal DJ Bobo disco play
103 Cielito Lindo instr vals trad vals
104 Cocaine vocal Eric Clapton blues rock play
105 Cocojambo vocal Mr President Reggaeton play
106 Come Fly With Me vocal Van Heusen & Cahn  slow swing play
107 Come Vorei -Cumbia vocal Ricchi e Poveri latino play
108 Conga vocal Gloria Estefan latino conga play
109 Congratulation vocal Cliff Richard trad
110 Copacabana vocal Fernando Express latino
111 Corazon Espinado vocal Santana latino play
112 Cosita back Trad latino
113 Cotton Eyed Joe vocal RedNex teh disco play
114 Cotton Fields vocal CCR country beat play
115 Could You Be Loved vocal Bob Marley reggae play
116 Country Roads Take Me Home vocal John Denver country play
117 Crazy vocal Willie Nelson slow play
118 Crazy Little Thing Called Love vocal Queen rock
119 Crazy Love Blues vocal Billy White Williamson slow blues play
120 Credence Medley vocal CCR country
121 Crying in the Rain vocal The Everly Brothers  ballad
122 Crying Time vocal Buck Owens ballad
123 Dadooroon back The Crystals  rock
124 Dains me mæ  back Åge Aleksandersen  norsk 
125 Dalakopa pols instr Trad norsk
126 Dance Me to The End Of Love vocal Leonard Cohen ballad play
127 Dancing Queen Voc-instr Abba disco play
128 Danza Kuduro vocal Don Omar latino play
129 Darling back Johnny Hill & Linda Feller country
130 Delilah vocal Tom Jones pop play
131 Demasiado Corazon Vocal-instr Willy de Ville latino play
132 Der Junge instr café ballad
133 Desperado vocal The Eagles ballad
134 Det blir aldri som det var i 50-åra  back Gluntan  norsk
135 Det er meg en glede  back Gluntan  norsk
136 Det går likar' no  back Country Snakes  norsk
137 Det kommer dager  back Gluntan  norsk
138 Det Regnar Och Regnar back Lasse Stefanz ballad
139 Detroit City vocal Boby Bare country beat play
140 Diana vocal Paul Anka twist play
141 Do that to me, one more time instr Captain & Tennille soul
142 Doctor,Doctor vocal Blues blues rock play
143 Dollanes instr café ballad
144 Don't Answer the Door  Vocal-instr B.B. King blues
145 Don't Be Cruel vocal Elvis r&roll play
146 Don't be Stupid back Shania Twain Country rock
147 Don't Dream It's Over vocal Crowded House ballad play
148 Don't know much about love backup Hanne Boel ballad
149 Don't Mess With My Toot-Toot vocal Fat Domino rockabilly
150 Don't Play your Rock'n'Roll vocal Smokie rock play
151 Don't Rock the Jukebox vocal Alan Jackson country play
152 Don't Stop the Music vocal Lionel Ritchie disco
153 Don't Worry Be Happy vocal McFerrin/Tamra Rosanes  Country rock
154 Down On The Corner vocal CCR rock play
155 Downhill instr café ballad
156 Dragostea Din Tei vocal O-zone disco
157 Drift Away vocal Doobie Gray rock play
158 Drommer om Elin instr vals instrumental norsk
159 Dronken Sailor back Trad bluegrass
160 Du ga mig kärlek  back Diverse norsk 
161 Du har lært meg å forstå  back Diverse norsk 
162 Du lever som du engang har lært  back Gluntan  norsk
163 Du må ha det riktig godt  back PK og dansefolket  norsk 
164 E6  back DDE norsk
165 Easy vocal Comodores rock
166 Ein Sammer instr café slow
167 El Bimbo instr latino disco latino
168 Elaine  back Lasse Stefanz norsk 
169 En fin dag  back Diverse norsk 
170 En kveld med deg  back Diverse norsk 
171 En slant til trikken hjem  back Lisbeth og Roger  norsk 
172 En stor sølvgrå lastebil  back Vazelina Bilopphøggers  norsk 
173 Engang skal jeg dra til Kansas City  back Gluntan  norsk
174 Engler i sneen  vocal Jonas Fjeld ballad
175 English Vals Medley instr slow vals
176 Enjoy the Silence vocal Depeche Mode rock play
177 Et fång med røda rosor  back Vikingarna norsk 
178 Etthundra mil från dig  back Lasse Stefanz norsk 
179 Everybreath You Take vocal Sting rock play
180 Everything I Do vocal Bryan Adams ballad
181 Everywhere vocal Fleetwood Mac pop play
182 Eviva Espagna instr passo doble passo doble
183 Fallin Rain vocal Cascades slow country
184 Fascination instr-voc Nat King Cole slow vals
185 Feel vocal Robbie Williams rock play
186 Feliz Navi Dad instr BoneyM disco
187 Fest Polka  instr Trad norsk
188 Fields of Gold vocal Sting ballad play
189 Finsk Polka  instr Trad norsk
190 Fireflies vocal Owl City urban disco play
191 Fjellrypa back Sie Gubba ballad
192 Flames of love vocal Fancy disco play
193 Fly Me To The Moon vocal Sinatra swing play
194 Foggy Day in London Town vocal Sinatra slow swing
195 Folsom Prison Blues vocal Johnny Cash Blue grass play
196 For a Few Dollars More vocal  Smokey country play
197 För Dina Blåa Ögons Skull backup mp3 Vikingarna norsk
198 Free Fallin' vocal Tom Petty ballad play
199 French Vals instr vals
200 Friends in Low Places vocal Garth Brooks country play
201 From Paris to Berlin vocal Infernal teh disco
202 Fugel Dans-Chicken dance  kids-instr Trad kids
203 Fur Elisse instr Clayderman piano ballad
204 Gamlelandet back Antestor
205 Gangnam Style vocal PSY disco
206 Georgia vocal Ray Charles blues play
207 Get Back vocal Beatles rock play
208 Gimme Hope Jo'Anna vocal Eddy Grant afro rock play
209 Gimme,gimme vocal ABBA disco
210 Girls,girls-foxtrot instr foxtrot
211 Give Me a Reason vocal Tracy Chapman blues play
212 Give Me Your Heart To night vocal Shakin Stevens rock play
213 Going Home instr Kenny G slow
214 Gone Country vocal Alan Jackson country
215 Granada backup mp3 Vassendgutane norsk
216 Great Balls of Fire vocal Jerry Lee Lewis rock roll play
217 Green Grass of Home vocal Tom Jones beat play
218 Guantanamera vocal Trad son play
219 Hallelujah vocal Jeff Buckley ballad
220 Hands Up vocal Otawan disco
221 Hansog Polka instr Trad norsk
222 Har jeg sagt deg alt jeg ville si deg  back Ole Ivars  norsk 
223 Hava Nagilah Voc-alinstr traditional
224 Have I Told You Lately vocal Van Morisson slow ballad play
225 Have You Ever Seen The Rain vocal CCR country play
226 Heila livet med dig  back Lasse Stefanz norsk 
227 Hello Dolly back Louis Armstrong swing
228 Hello Josephine vocal Fat Domino trainbeat play
229 Hello Mary Lou vocal Viking Arna swing play
230 Help Me Make It From The Night vocal Kriss Kristofferson country play
231 Help The Poor Me vocal B.B. King blues play
232 Hey Baby vocal DJ Bobo disco play
233 Hey Good Looking vocal country rock play
234 Hey Jude vocal Beatles ballad
235 Hey Tonight vocal CCR rock play
236 Hippi Hege  back Torry Enghs  norsk 
237 Hjortejakt back Vassendgutane Country rock
238 Home  vocal Michael Buble ballad
239 Honky Town Woman vocal Rolling Stones rock play
240 Hoochie-Choochie Man vocal Clapton blues play
241 Horray,Horray instr BoneyM disco
242 Hotel California vocal Eagles rock play
243 Hound Dog're nothing but a.. vocal Elvis rock play
244 How can you mend a broken heart  vocal Bee Gees standard play
245 How Deep Is Your Love voc-instr Bee Gees beat play
246 How Sweet it is to be loved by you vocal Marvin Gaye beat
247 Hung Up vocal Madonna teh disco play
248 Hurt vocal Johnny Cash ballad play
249 I Been Thinking About You vocal London Beat disco play
250 I can't help fallin in love vocal George Weiss  slow play
251 I Can't Stop Loving You vocal Ray Charles blues play
252 I don't even know her name vocal Alan Jackson country play
253 I Don't feel like Dancing vocal Scissor Sisters disco
254 I Ei 60 Sone. back Vassendgutane country
255 I Fall to Pieces instr Patsy Cline slow country
256 I Feel Good vocal James Brown R&B play
257 I Got A Girl  vocal Lou Vega mambo
258 I Got No Sleep vocal Trad blues
259 I Have a Dream instr ABBA ballad
260 I Just Call  instr Stevie Wonder beat
261 I Like It ,I Love It  vocal Alan Jackson country beat
262 I love this Bar vocal Toby Keith country
263 I love you Just The way You Are vocal Billy Joel slow beat play
264 I love you more than I can say back Leo Sawyer country
265 I Never Really Knew You vocal Vince Gill country rock play
266 I Saw You Dancing vocal disco disco
267 I See Fire vocal Ed Sheeran ballad
268 I wanna know what love is vocal Foreigners ballad play
269 I Wanna Wake Up vocal Boris Gardner reggae play
270 I Will survive vocal Gloria Gaynor disco play
271 I Won't Back Down vocal Johnny Cash / Tom Petty ballad play
272 If I Say You Have...  vocal Bellamy Brothers beat play
273 If Tomorrow never comes vocal Garth Brooks slow country play
274 I'll do you(like a truck) vocal Geo Da'Silva disco play
275 I'm from the country vocal Tracy Byrds country rock play
276 I'm gonna Getcha Good! back Shania Twain Country rock
277 I'm so Excited back Pointers Sisters rock
278 I'm still thinking of you vocal Norah Jones ballad
279 Imagine vocal John Lennon soul  play
280 In The Army Now vocal Status Quo rock
281 In the Mood-Glenn Miller instr Medley swing big band
282 Ingen er så nydelig som du  back Tor Endresen  norsk 
283 Intet kommer i en lukket hånd  back Gluntan  norsk
284 Invitation instr Shakatak jazz rock
285 Isn`t She Lovely vocal Stevie Wonder soul play
286 It Never Rain In Southern Calif instr Smokie beat
287 It`s My Life  vocal Bon Jovi rock play
288 I'ts a Heartache back Bonnie Tyler rock
289 It's Allright Mama vocal Elvis r&roll play
290 It's Five O'clock somewhere vocal Alan Jackson country play
291 It's Raining Man  vocal Wheater Girls pop play
292 I've Got You Under My Skin vocal Sinatra swing play
293 Jag ringer på fredag  back Lasse Stefanz norsk 
294 Jailhouse Rock vocal Elvis r&roll play
295 Jalousie instr tango
296 Jenter back Di derre Country rock
297 Jessie vocal Joshua Kadison ballad play
298 Johnny B. Goode vocal Chuck Berry r&roll play
299 Joy of my life vocal Fogerty blues play
300 Juanita instr Iglesias latino rhumba
301 Just a Gigollo vocal David Lee Roth swing play
302 Ka e' det du vil  back DDE norsk
303 Kalle med fela  back Ole Ivars  norsk 
304 Kan noen la meg sitte på til Dovrefjel  back Gluntan  norsk
305 Kazatchiok instr Ethnic
306 Killing Me Softly vocal Fugges urban r&b
307 King Of The Road vocal Roger Miller slow fox play
308 Kingston Town vocal UB40 reggae play
309 Kiss vocal Tom Jones r&b play
310 Knockin On Heavens Door vocal Hermes House Band teh disco
311 Kristina från Vilhelmina  back Sven Ingvars  norsk 
312 Kvinde min  back Kim Larsen (Gasolin' ) norsk
313 La Bamba vocal Los Lobos samba play
314 La Bomba vocal Ricky Martin latino play
315 La Chucharacha instr trad salsa
316 La cumparsita  instr Trad tango
317 La oss leve  back Gluntan  norsk
318 La Paloma instr trad rhumba
319 La Puntita vocal Azul Azul latino play
320 La Ritmo Vuelta  vocal Los Locos latino play
321 La Vie En Rose instr trad slow fox
322 Ladies Night vocal Kool & The Gang disco funk
323 Lady vocal Modjo disco play
324 Lady In Red vocal Chris DeBurgh ballad play
325 Lambada instr Kaoma latino
326 Langs hver en vei  back Gluntan  norsk
327 L'appuntamento vocal Andreea Bocelli rhumba play
328 Last Valtz Vocal-instr Engelbert slow vals
329 Lay Around your Love vocal The Commitments beat
330 Lay Down Sally vocal Eric Clapton blues rock play
331 Leende guldbruna ögon  back Vikingarna norsk 
332 Lemon Tree vocal Fool's Garden rock play
333 Let It Be vocal Beatles ballad
334 Let It Be Me vocal Becau ballad play
335 Let It Shine  back Olivia Newton Jones Country rock
336 Let Your Love Flow vocal Bellamy Bros country rock
337 Let's Do The Boogie vocal Banica boogie play
338 Levva Livet vocal Aleksandersen Pop-rock play
339 Lift Me ..from the ground vocal Madrugada ballad play
340 Lilly Was Here instr slow
341 Linda, Linda vocal Frederik disco play
342 Line  back Ole Ivars  norsk 
343 Livet lyse side  back Finn Kalvik norsk
344 Livin La Vida Loca vocal Ricky Martin latino play
345 Living Islands instr slow
346 Living next door to Alice vocal Smokie country beat play
347 Lodi vocal CCR country beat play
348 Long Train Running vocal Dobbie Bros rock play
349 Looking Out My Back Door vocal CCR Country-beat play
350 Lørdagsafton  back Vikingarna norsk 
351 Love vocal Michael Buble swing play
352 Love Get's me Everytime back Shania Twain Country rock
353 Love is a Many Spledored Things back Engelbert slow
354 Love Is Blue instr Richard Claydermann piano ballad
355 Love Me Tender vocal Elvis rhumba play
356 Love Shine a Light back Katrina and The Waves ballad
357 Love Story piano piano ballad
358 Love Will Keep Us Alive vocal Eagles ballad play
359 Lucille vocal Kenny Rogers country vals play
360 Lucky Lips vocal Cliff Richard swing
361 Luffarpojken  back Diverse norsk 
362 Macarenna instr Los Rios latino
363 Mackie The Knife instr Kurt Weill adpt swing
364 Mackøl og måsegg  back Bjørn Jens  norsk
365 Maleya , Carnaval del Rio vocal Chicanos dance
366 Mama Mia instr ABBA disco
367 Mambo Nr 5 vocal Lou Bega mambo play
368 Man Of Constant Sorow vocal Soggy Bottom Boys Blue grass play
369 Marina, Marina vocal trad latino play
370 Massachusetts instr voc Bee Gees beat
371 Media Luz instr trad bossa
372 Meet me in Stocholm back Sir Duglas Quintet  norsk  play
373 Mellow instr Olivia N. John ballad
374 Meneaito , the New vocal Gaby Reggaeton play
375 Mercedes Benz acoustic Janis Joplin A'capella
376 Mercury Blues vocal Alan Jackson country rock play
377 Michelle vocal Beatles ballad
378 Midnight Special vocal CCR rock play
379 Min gitarr back Sven Ingvars  norsk 
380 Missing You vocal John Waite rock play
381 Mississippi instr Pussy Cat country
382 Misty instr Sinatra slowfox play
383 Modern Talking Medley vocal Modern Taling 80' disco play
384 Møllerens Iren back Ole Ivars  norsk 
385 Monalisa vocal Vikingarna swing/svensk play
386 Money for Nothing vocal Dire Straits rock
387 Monica, lille venn back norsk
388 Monja instr Peter Holm slow
389 Moon River instr slowvals
390 Moonlight Shadows back Mike Oldfield ballad
391 More instr bossa
392 Mother vocal Pink Floyd ballad play
393 Moves like Jagger vocal Marron 5  dance play
394 Mustang Sally vocal Commitments r&b play
395 My Heart Will Go On instr Celine ballad
396 My Nr 1 vocal Helena Paparizou disco play
397 My Way vocal Frank Sinatra slow play
398 Never Ending Story instr Limahl disco
399 New York State of Mind vocal Billie Joel easy listening
400 New York, New York vocal Sinatra swing
401 Nikita vocal Elton John rock play
402 No Woman No Cry vocal Bob Marley reggae
403 Nothing's Gonna Change My… vocal Glenn Medeiros ballad
404 Nysmaz mazurka  instr Trad norsk
405 Obladi-Oblada instr Beatles beat play
406 Oh, Carol by Smokie vocal Smokie country beat play
407 Oh, Carol -merengue style vocal Paul Anka merengue play
408 OL floka  back Kjell Karlsens Orkester  norsk 
409 On the Beach vocal Cris Rea ballad play
410 On the Road Again vocal Willie Nelson cajun play
411 Once Upon A Time vocal blues trad blues play
412 Over My Sholders vocal Mike & Mechanics beat play
413 Over the Rainbow vocal Harold Arlen & Harburg slow swing play
414 Oye Comova vocal Santana latino
415 På hver sin kant av landet back Unit Five ballad
416 Paloma Blanca instr disco
417 Pasadena vocal Maywood latino play
418 Pay Me My Money Down vocal Bruce Springsteen Trad blue grass play
419 Pepe Solera Medley instr fox
420 Perfidia instr trad cha-cha
421 Perhaps instr trad rhumba
422 Piano Man vocal Billy Joel ballad play
423 Picolla e fragile vocal Druppi ballad play
424 Please Release Me vocal Engelbert beat play
425 Poker Face vocal Lady GaGa pop play
426 Polka som er bra  instr traditional norsk
427 Poor Boy Blues vocal Mark Knopfler country play
428 Potpourri  Swing R&R vocal Diverse swing/svensk/R6Roll play
429 Potpourri Slow Swing vocal diverse standard jazz play
430 Private Emotions vocal Ricky Martin ballad
431 Proud Mary vocal CCR rock play
432 Purple Rain voc Prince Slow r&b play
433 Quando , Quando vocal Michael Buble samba play
434 Rakafisk  back Hellbillies  norsk
435 Ramaya  vocal Afrik Simone disco
436 Ramona instr swing swing
437 Red,Red,Red Wine vocal UB40 reggae play
438 Regnets rytme  back Ole Ivars  norsk 
439 Reilander  instr Trad norsk
440 Return to Sender vocal Elvis r&roll play
441 Rhumba Medley instr trad rhumba
442 Ring of Fire vocal Johnny Cash Blue grass play
443 Rock and Roll Is King vocal Electric Light Orch r&roll play
444 Rock and Roll Music vocal Beatles r&roll play
445 Rock Around The Clock vocal Bill Haley r&roll
446 Rock With Me vocal M. Jackson disco
447 Rockin All Over The World vocal John Fogerty -CCR rock play
448 Roros Pols 2 instr Trad Norsk Pols
449 Roros Pols Steffaleken instr Steffaleken Norsk Pols
450 Rose Garden back Lynn Anderson country
451 Samba de Janeiro instr Bellini techno
452 Samba PA Ti instr Santana latino
453 San Antonios ros  back Vikingarna norsk 
454 San Marino instr Vikingarna slowbeat
455 Save The Last Dance For Me vocal Michael Buble rhumba play
456 Say Goodbye vocal Eva Cassidy ballad play
457 See You Later Aligator vocal Bill Haley rock play
458 Sej inte nej back Sven Ingvars  norsk 
459 Sex Bomb vocal Tom Jones r&b play
460 Sha-la-la vocal Bjorn Eidsvog beat
461 Shalom Alecheim Vocal-instr traditional hora
462 She Works Hard for The Money back Donna Summer pop
463 Silhouette instr Kenny G easy listening
464 Sillikon I Tatti back Vassendgutane Country rock
465 Siste Dans back Vassendgutane ballad
466 Smile....When you vocal Shirley Bassey swing/svensk play
467 Smile..when your heart.. vocal C. Chaplin/M.Buble slow swing play
468 Smoke On The Water vocal Deep Purple rock play
469 Smooth vocal Santana latino play
470 Smooth Operator back Sade ballad
471 So Far Away vocal Mark Knopfler rock play
472 Socca Dance vocal Saragossa Band disco
473 Some Broken Hearts Never vocal Hank Williams country play
474 Somekind Of Wonderful vocal The Commitments RB
475 Sommartider  back Gyllende Tider norsk
476 Song For Guy instr Elton John easy listening
477 Sørensen Reilander instr traditional reilander polka
478 Sorry vocal Maddona dance
479 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word vocal Elton John slow play
480 Stand By Me vocal Drifters urban rock play
481 Still The One back Shania Twain ballad
482 Støveldans  back Traveling Strawberrys  norsk 
483 Strangers In The Night vocal Sinatra beat
484 Summer of 69 vocal Bryan Adams rock play
485 Summertime Blues vocal Alan Jackson country rock play
486 Sunshine Reggae vocal Laid Back reggae play
487 Susanna vocal Hermes House Band reggae beat play
488 Sway vocal Michael Buble latino play
489 Sweet Harmony, Let's come together vocal Be Loved disco 80' play
490 Sweet Home Alabama vocal Lynyrd Skynard rock play
491 Sweet Home Chicago vocal Blues Brothers swing blues play
492 Ta godt vare på dagen  back Diverse norsk 
493 T-bone Shuffle vocal Blues trad shuffle play
494 Tears in Heaven vocal Eric Clapton ballad play
495 Teddy Bear vocal Elvis r&roll play
496 Tequila Sunrise vocal The Eagles country ballad
497 That Don't Impress Me Much back Shania Twain Country rock
498 That's The Way I like it vocal KC & Sunshine Band disco funk
499 That's The Way It is back Celine Dion ballad
500 The Fool vocal Mark Knopfler slow country play
501 The Fox vocal ylvis tehno play
502 The Gambler vocal Kenny Rogers country play
503 The Girl From Ipanema instr Jobim bossa 
504 The Great Pretender vocal Freddie Mercury slow play
505 The Joker vocal  Steve Miller Band rock play
506 The Key vocal Blues r&roll play
507 The River  vocal Bruce Springsteen ballad play
508 The Shadow of your Smile instr Al Martino rhumba
509 The Summerwind vocal Frank Sinatra swing play
510 Thinking of You Vocal-instr Nora Jones blues
511 This Is My Life vocal Kim Larsen beat shuflle play
512 This Is The Life vocal Amy MacDonald country fox play
513 This Is What You are vocal Mario Biondi disco
514 This love vocal Marron 5  rock
515 Those were the days vocal Gene Raskin pop play
516 Thriller vocal M Jackson disco
517 Ticket to Heaven vocal Dire Straits/Knopfler rhumba play
518 Time to Swing Vocal-instr Helmut Lotti swing play
519 Tio tusen røda rosor  back Tore Skogman  norsk 
520 To Love Somebody vocal Jimmy Somerville reggae
521 To Where You Are vocal Josh Groban ballad
522 Top Of The World instr Carpenters country beat
523 Tore Tang vocal Moods country beat play
524 Torn back Natalia Imbruglia ballad
525 Trailersjåfør  back Country Snakes  norsk
526 Tulsa Time vocal Clapton country rock play
527 Tusen Bitar back Björn Afzelius  ballad
528 Tusen vakre bilder  back Lotta Engberg  norsk 
529 Tutti Frutti vocal Elvis twist play
530 Twist Again vocal Chubby Checker twist play
531 Twist and Shout  vocal Beatles latino twist play
532 Tyralery vals  instr Trad Norvegian vals
533 Un,Dos,Tres Maria vocal Ricky Martin latino play
534 Una Paloma Blanca vocal George Baker pop
535 Unchain My Heart vocal Joe Cocker r&b play
536 Unforgetable vocal Nat K Cole slow
537 Ungvar valsen  instr traditional vals
538 Up Where We Belong vocal Joe Cocker slow
539 Valle I Setesdal back Vassendgutane Country rock
540 Vals Medleys x 3 instr vals
541 Vaya Con Dios instr Medley slow vals
542 Vennskap over alle grenser  back Stefan Bosch  norsk 
543 Venus back Bannanarama rock
544 Vi vil gi  back Gluntan  norsk
545 Vid en liten fiskehamn  back Lasse Stefanz norsk 
546 Vienna Vals instr vals
547 Wait a minute  vocal Lasse Stefanz Country rock play
548 Wake Me Up  vocal Whamm rock