Vio Caia Biography

Vio, multi-talented one man performer, offers his audience a wide range of music and songs in different languages such as English, Norwegian, Italian and Spanish. He has more than 20 years of music experience playing on a variety of instruments such as guitars (bass and acoustic ones), blues harmonica and blues harp solo, keyboards and a keen vocalist.

With a huge repertoire that includes slow songs, ballroom music, taffel, dinner music, country, blues, disco, latin, pop, pop rock, ballads, hits from the 60's until the 90's and even the traditional Norwegian polkas and reinlanders, and of course the latest top hits on the charts makes Vio the perfect entertainment choice.

Dance music oriented, Vio knows how to entertain even the most difficult public. Also can accompany soloist from the public, instant, real-time arrangements, big fun for all the guests. Helped by the state of the art music technology he offers with no doubt the best sound that is achieving a positive feedback each time, everywhere.